Hi, I’m Robin Adelson. I tend to describe who I am and what I’m feeling in relation to my children. In other words, I am the mother of three grown daughters and I feel as good on any given day as she who feels least good. I love my daughters more than anything and, while I love being their mom, I’m more than that. Having spent a good deal of time during the Covid years trying to connect with an identity of my own, I began a journey to wellness that just might offer some insight and support to someone else. My own journey continues and I love the learning that comes along with it. It has gotten and continues to get me through some very difficult times. Even more than what I’ve learned, I’ve come to value the journey itself.

Some other things I value include family, friendship, connection, and kindness to self and others. I love to cook, eat, walk, travel, learn, and hang out with my favorite people. Stories that move me are the best – books, movies, television, music. Oh. And I also love candy.

I subscribe to the proposition that people are complex and interesting, and you can and should try many things in your lifetime. Professionally, this has taken me from a 15 year career as an attorney and 17 year career as a non-profit leader to my latest engagement as a Duke-trained and certified Health and Wellbeing Coach and a blogger. I first started learning about health and well-being coaching because self care has become ubiquitous and, beyond the odd mani/pedi, I didn’t really know what it was and thought it was time I learned. In addition to my Duke certification, I have a certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford.

As a coach, I am happy to work with anyone who is seeking to make a change to enhance their health and happiness. My niche specialty  is women at or beyond “midlife” who are struggling to dedicate their time and energy to take care of themselves. We all have a sense of how we’d like to feel, what we’d like to be doing at this stage in our lives, and what we feel we ought to be doing to maximize our health and happiness. Yet, many of us find ourselves stuck and unable to start making a change we envision or struggling to make a lasting change. I partner with my clients to identify and master their path to perfect imperfection.